The layout of the complex consists of 3 blocks which are interconnected to eachother with an atrium space. This characteristic space is accommodating the entrance lobby and the reception desk where people can gather practical information about the area, and make bookings for restaurants and car rentals etc. It also provides the circulation at the ground floor level amongst indoor & outdoor public facilities as well as vertically to the residential floors through a panoramic lift.

The atrium is an indoor public gathering space which residents can enjoy in the rainy winter days as a good alternative to the outdoors thanks to its impressive volume and plenty of light screening through its full height openings. In the summer months also, it might be a good option to laze on the comfy lounges and take a cool break from the sizzling Mediterranean sun!

The perforated metal frames cladded on the outside surfaces of the large openings help to control the penetration of the daylight into the atrium and at the same time creating a lure ambience while the incoming light is filtered through the patterns of the perforated metal frames.

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