The extensive heat insulation system applied emphasises the 'green' aspect of the buildings and will be a great advantage for the owner providing a climatic comfort indoors and helping to minimise the costs for heating & cooling.

The use of low-energy LED lights indoors and outdoors adds up to the environment-friendly aspect of the resort.

The entire need for hot water in the building; in the apartments as well as in the communal spaces such the spa & hammam are provided through solar panels installed in the concealed rooftops of the buildings. This energy efficient system helps to minimise the carbon emission of the entire building as well as residents' electric bills.

The multi split air conditioning systems is used in all the apartments which saves up to 50% in energy costs.

The landscape is flowing from the gardens through to the façade of the buildings with the implementation of terrace gardens extensively planted with red firecracker plants.

The openings of the atrium space allow for daylight to light up the circulation areas and provide natural ventilation to support climate control for indoors.

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