We have spent a great effort and time in order to bring together this extensive tailor-made furniture pack which we believe will bring considerable added value to your apartment.

All items within the package have been selected carefully amongst several alternatives and we made a very detailed study for each one comparing their price/quality levels (for example, the Hoover; we studied the noise factor, energy efficiency, warranty duration, suction power, compact size etc.)

Q Spa Resort apartments are very special with their construction techniques, the use of the finest building materials and sleek details; therefore there is a necessity to complete the overall end product with high quality stylish furniture items. We believe that the apartments finished with this entire furniture pack will be worth higher values, both considering rental or resale potentials.

During the creation of the furniture pack, we have considered several aspects including practicality, durability for rental use, aesthetics, overall harmony, optimum sizes and economy. The carpentry items are designed by our team and produced by our carpenter so that they match with the rest of the carpentry items in your home including the kitchen cupboards, door panels, door frames which come with a lacquered white finish. The colour options offered are designed to match to the interior monochrome colour scheme and they offer the opportunity for you to put in your own touch and individualise the interior design of your home.

We have created 4 CATEGORIES within the furniture pack which can be purchased seperately:





However, please note that due to the complexity that it will create, we are not able to offer any changes, modifications, additions or subtractions within the categories created except for the options we have offered.

The furniture pack is offering good value for money as we have the advantage of buying in bulk and thus have been able to access largest discounts on the items provided. Additionally, you save on the transport, delivery and installation costs.

We are happy to bring together this extensive furniture pack which will avoid you the hassle of going through the shops in Manavgat or Antalya and browsing for suitable items with matching style and sizes and paying the right price. And we take care of the delivery and fitting of the items so that the apartment is completely ready to welcome you for your first visit.

We hope that you will find this unique service useful and helpful.

Kind regards,

Ezgi Fitos Architect / Partner


How to Order

Kindly submit your order at the latest 18.08.2013 and we will be endeavouring to complete the delivery and fitting of all items for the date of 01.12.2013.

If you wish to order the furniture pack after 18.08.2013, then your order is regarded as an individual order outside the bulk order and the cost of the categories will be calculated at a 10% increased value as we cannot access the bulk order discounts anymore. The delivery date in this case will be 60 days following your order.

Please carefully fill out the form and submit your choices on the last page of your personal furniture package that you received in your email.

Please note that once submitted, it will not be possible to change the order. Due to the complexity that it will create, we are not able to offer any changes, modifications, additions or subtractions within the categories created except for the options we have offered.

Please scan and email this form to

Upon receipt of your form, we will send you a confirmation email.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

The management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or omit or add any furniture item at any time without notice.


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